Monday, 25 October 2010

undisturbable fatty and the asparagus worm heads

i came upon a young woman and a dog i used to look after named jasper. jasper was a fat black labrador. the woman was young and i have no idea who she was. at the moment i came upon them and to my disbelief the young woman was snapping off one of jaspers legs at the hip. jasper expressed no discomfort rather the ever so familiar indifference i was used to seeing in him. he was laying on his fat belly mewing on his tongue and most likely pining for a biscuit. i on the other hand was crawling out of my skin as this very strange young woman snapped off the other limb exposing the torn splinterd and serrated bone and tendon. there was no blood in jasper !!!!
no blood at all. just whit bone on white sinew and muscle inside fatty. without guff jasper pulled himself around with his front two. darling jaspy. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU ?
we then rolled him over on his back exposing his generous tummy. he had these grub type wormy things with asparagus heads burrowed into the soft of his belly. we went to de-asparagus worm head him. like we were going in to pull out a tick.... we pinched on the asparagus head worm and pulled.  they came out ever so pleasingly easy. i got a strange sensation of pleasure from this act. like knit picking your lover.