Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Your mouth, My thumb, My Mouth

We were in an airport. I was with an old boyfriend of mine and his pet owl. This was not any ordinary owl as unlike all the others in the land, this one did not like me and also, It had the behaviours of a human child. My old boyfriend whom we shall name William, was ahead of me on one of those conveyer swift walking paths. The owl whom we shall name Sullivan and whom does not fly, was doddling behind him. I ran to catch up with them and i doing so, I scared the owl. Sullivan, sort of screeched as I approached and went scurrying along the moving path toward William to seek safety. I scooped up Sullivan in my arms. He wriggled frantically to try and get free. His wings felt of  a spiky texture as though all of his feathers had been stripped of their hairs down to the quill and the quill cut a sharp angle. He nipped at me with his beak. I held him firmly in my arms until he began to relent. As calm set in, one of Sullivan's wings appeared suddenly as the arm of a human baby. This  arm was in a plaster cast. And then both wings turned into casted baby arms. Still in my grasp, Sullivan the owl with broken baby arms, then turned into a fully formed human infant. He was no longer struggling. He was no longer quilled and spiky. He was soft, sleepy and suckling. I put my finger to his warm watery mouth. He sucked and clamped down on it with his gummy jaw, . He seemed to enjoy my salty skin. I gave him my thumb. I felt so happy he found trust in me. As he sucked on my thumb I could feel my thumb on the roof of my own mouth. He turned his human face to me and gave me a BIG smile.