Wednesday, 20 April 2011

so close yet so far away

kate bush was serving drinks behind the bar with sexy blonde 
I approached the bar. I approached a hero. The song we were 
working on earlier that day in the studio came over the radio. 
Win Your Love is playing over the radio right now and Kate Bush is 
standing right here in front of me. I got a cheeky grin on my face.
we stood there together as she mixed my drink and listened to a song 
about a little girl wishing for a broken arm. 
The atmosphere in the room shifts as the song enters the prechorus. 
I anticipate the chorus and stand there facing kate waiting to sense her reaction when the chorus comes in.
when we finally get to the chorus where the voices are meant to fly... a load of guitars come whaling smothering any trace of a vocal... Guitars WANKING ALL over the Chorus !!! its a catastrophe !!!! Sabotage !!!!!!!