Thursday, 7 February 2013

Manchester Serenade

I was standing on the edge of a canal. The water wrapped around where i stood. It was night time. It was cold. It was as though i was in kind of... urban cove.... with the water of the canal lapping up onto the shores of Brick buildings and attempting its way up the alleys and side walks. The buildings followed the line of the cove and wrapped around me creating a calm stillness... a brick hug.  There was a fog hanging low connecting me with the buildings on the other side of the canal. In a moment or two it became clear that i was seeing downtown Manchester in a way that i had never seen it before. Each building from across the water showed itself to me in way i had not seen it till then. They did this with there lights . They did this by how they held the fog against their surfaces. They did this in the way the wore the night sky and took on indescribable colours in the darkness. I felt an affection and an attraction for the city that i had not felt before this moment. I felt a very familiar, very deep feeling. A new sensation. The love of being home. This time.... Manchester.  Over the air Elbow's tune Friend of Ours started playing. The song gave new scope to the urban scene. Garvey's bone dry, salt of the earth sentiment. The orchestral chords sweeping with such heart. I could have sung along there as i slept. I may have. I could have cried there as i slept. I may have.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Elbow. Elbow is a great Manchester band and deeply loved. I think of them as Mancunian Embassadors. Im not alone. Here.... take a listen... watch this beautiful video. Perhaps you would like to listen to this tune and read again this dream and feel some of what i feel for this place.

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