Wednesday, 10 August 2011

slug soup, slug husband

I recall an abandoned house
It was very run down, filled with leaves and cobwebs. It was an old house.
I was doing pull ups on a pull up bar in one of the door ways. My Moms husband
was sitting in a lazy boy with a big wool blanket. i remember thinking this was
just his kind of house. I found my mom and sister in one of the very musty rooms. I was
eating something out of a bowl.
We got to talking. I said something about needing to cut back on sex... my mom laughed.
She said her husband was always complaining that he, now in his 70's, is not out there
"servicing women" like he was in his 40's. That comment disgusted me. I spooned some
more of whatever it was that i was eating into my mouth and chewed. Another bite and 
some more chewing. I stirred the contents of the bowl which resembled mushroom soup. Instead of
mushrooms however the dream revealed to me that i was eating very large black slugs. 
After chewing thoroughly and looking into my bowl to see the slugs there still alive... i figured
yuck... no more slugs for me and put the bowl down