Tuesday, 9 February 2016

White Chalk Water Dwellers

I was folding sweaters and placing them on a white dresser top. A long hair'd tan skinned man with blue eyes and plump lips was leaning over what looked like his desk and talking to me. The landscape surrounding me was all chalky white stone. There was a white stone floor like a river bed under my feet that spread and sloped down to a white stone wall.  It became apparent that this wall separated the land from what was indeed the white stone base of the dry wide rivers bed. The wall was made of huge stone blocks that descended like a stair case down the sloping landscape. I rock hopped down the steps to the mid point of the cascading wall. There were people scattered around the stone surroundings. There was a vague woman sitting on one step below me. There was some commotion amongst the people in my dream. There was excitement in the air. Something was coming. I looked to my left up the river bed to behold a huge tower of clear blue ocean water and waves curling and tunnelling past me on through the rivers path over filling its wavy brim. There were people surfing the waves and although the volume of water could never have been held by the walls, the people that stood watching the waters barrell through remained rooted safely on dry stone as the water obeyed their course. A huge swell of energy came through me and I started to climb up for the stone wall stairs to find a place to jump in and catch a wave. As I was readying myself for emersion, a cold fierce wind blew through. The blue water turned to grey and it halted as though being contained by an invisible damn. I saw a giant pair of wind arms holding it back . The surfers at once in graceful flow now crashing. The river bed was now exposed as the wide stone stair case leading down to a major city street filled with city life. A woman with curly dark hair, grey skin and blue lips, was being pushed like a rag doll by the wind down the stair case. Her body showing the impact each step of the way. Lifeless, she was blown down past the trash cans, cars and busses and ended up wrapped around a lamp post. I recall the relief in my timing as It seemed as though i was saved from the impulse to jump in as the good surf was just on the cusp of turning. Safe and dry I stood there  observing the water dwellers plight. The scene changed abruptly and I was sat outside a house in a chair with wooden arms. I had a knife. I held the knife in my fist and was stabbing the very tip into a surface of dark brown wood over and over again in a steady rhythm. I did this rather passively. I heard some banging noises on the wall near where I was sat. I knew it was my nephew. He was acting out. I started to stab the wood harder to see how far i could sink the blade into the wood. I found that with a bit of aggression, i could sink the blade deep into the wood. I did this over and over with that force to a satisfying affect. I decided it would not be smart to show this little trick to my nephew. I went in to his bedroom where he was writing the words "good people" on his wall above his bed. I took him in my arms and held him close to my chest so that he could feel how much I love him. " I love you so much " I said. He lay there receiving my caring attention and then said " I am just the purest lad who ever went to school"