Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rescue Rescue

 I was standing in a parking lot that was quite full with cars and people. There was a road running alongside this parking lot. I was standing near that road. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a baby crawling into the center of the street. As you would expect, the alarm in my mind went off and I bolted into the street as a car came racing up to the little one. With real force I ran to the baby and quickly swept her into my arms and carried her across the street. When the road was clear I crossed back into the parking lot to find the mother of this child. I found a group of woman and children standing around. They were unaware of the rescue and looked completely unfazed by the missing infant. The woman were yapping and chattering and clammering on. I shouted out "Whose baby is this ?!?!?!"
 A tall woman with a pale complexion and long brown hair looked over to me and with reaction that suggested indifference, said... "It's mine" and put out her arms to retrieve her child. "Your baby was crawling in the road !!" She didn't seem to mind and jerked her head backwards as if to say "hand it over". I did not hand it over. I couldn't. I moved away from the group to another woman standing by that had seen the event and told her that I didn't think this child was safe with this woman. She said you need to call child services. I said I don't know this woman at all.. I don't know. I held tight to the child. It was very very small. Too young to crawl really. I got on the phone and called child services and reported the incident. "I don't want you to take the child away. I just want you to scare the shit out of that woman". The mother was glaring at me and the other two women who now appeared to be her sisters. I hung up the phone. 

The parking lot environment shifted into a courtyard that led to my apartment with a hot tub in the centre. I was holding the baby to my chest. Somehow and without transition the baby found his way to my bare tit. He attempted to suckle. I was shocked by this and made uneasy but I let the process continue. I had never had a child and have never produced milk and somehow I was extremely curious to know if I would indeed produce milk for the hungry child in need of nurturance. He latched on and sucked.. hard... For just a moment or two when I felt a release and a moisture. And from a drop to a spray the child coaxed a mothers milk from a maiden. My right breast swelled up more plump than it had ever before. The milk rushed out of me and made a spraying/flushing type noise. I could feel the milk coursing through the ducts and out into the baby's mouth. My whole body came alive, I was ecstatic. I knew then I was to keep the child. 

The sisters came rushing out of my apartment carrying all sorts of my possessions. They yelled to me "You're not getting away with this".   

I followed them into what looked like a a candy shop with bright lights and a soda fountain... colors everywhere. The child protection agent was there and the mother's lawyer. They handed over all the items to their lawyer. "We're gonna put you away" they pointed, and shouted and showed their teeth. 

My sister arrived.. She saw my possessions on the counter and said "Ha ! Remember that time we..." I cut her off.. "Shhhhh. They are going to try and lock me up with these items" 
I had full confidence that through these strange events I had become a mother. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This is a dream that I had when I was child that I can still remember...

In wake life I was taking an afternoon nap in my bedroom.
This room had no windows and the ceiling slanted all the way to the floor.
There were two single beds with a gap two feet wide between them. 
Other than the bed there was a chest of drawers. 
That is all. 
I was well on my way to sleep when the door to my room opened letting in a stream of light in the otherwise pitch black room. 
My sister appeared. 
It is at this stage that it becomes unclear to me whether I am asleep or awake. 
My sister stands in the doorway and looks at me she lifts her hands and curls her fingers into claws and makes a monster scratching gesture with a mean gnarly face showing her teeth as though she were a vampire or a werewolf or otherworldly demon. 
She made the noise of an angry cat. 
She gave me a very uneasy feeling, as you can imagine. 
The room fell dark again. 
My sister was now gone. 
I could see a luminescent green cloud in the room. 
I could feel this cloud. 
The same uneasy unsafe feeling that came from seeing my sister in her demon state intensified in the presence of this green cloud.
I was laying on my back observing the entity.
I could feel it as well as see it. 
The cloud hovered over me. 
Looking straight up at it, it descended upon me and pressed down on me pinning me heavily onto the bed.  
It held me there for a good long while. 
I couldn't move. 
I was powerless against it.  
This green force picked me up out of my bed and moved me between the gaps between the beds. 
My whole body was tingling from head to toe as I was suspended there. 
I was electrified. 
Then it dropped me. 
I woke up on the floor between the beds, my body tingling from head to toe.