Sunday, 22 May 2011

wish i had a barn like that

I was walking through some neighborhood when Guy Garvey called me on the phone. I answered. A video that guy was shooting for me came up on my phone. A video call.
All the Elbow boys were jumpin and runnin and messin around on some cobble stone street. 
I could here Jupp's voice saying to a radio interviewer... my shoes have gone missing. I found myself in a circle of people. 6 or 7 Strangers. I had been approaching them as i walked. 
There is no explaining why they formed a tight nit circle around me. It did make me nervous. The only thing that came of it was this woman showing me how to receive the video
on my phone and telling me that its more expensive to send videos this way because its sent by gas. I found myself in my boyfriends house. a model train went rolling up its track
with the daily mail in its caboose . I thought how smart my boyfriend is. I went into the upstairs bathroom and realized i never use it because it is filled with cassette tapes. I made a 
promise to clean it and make more use of it. I told him so. I then found myself at the entrance of a barn type structure. I guess this Barn used to belong to his Aunt. I entered the barn to 
find a big brilliant space with a big kitchen in it. The kitchen had an amazing cooking range in it surrounded by long stretches of counter tops. It had a big sink and wash up area. there were tall
cupboards filled with every kind of dishware...everything was old.. and stylish...and dusty. I went rummaging for finds which were many. Many things made if colored glass. 
The kitchen was not just equipped for cooking. It was stocked to entertain !  I was over the moon at the discovery
not only because our kitchen was tiny and had this shitty little cooker in it... but its seems as though we had inherited this amazing space with all of this cool shit in it !! I found some
glass cabinets filled with clothes and jewelry. I found a chest of Native American turquoise jewelry. In my wake life i am in love with old Native american silver work. So this find was
particularly exciting.  I started dressing myself with the pieces. In a chest if clothes i found a braintanned deer skin dress.. I put it on... and yes i looked like Pocahontas. A man walked in. 
He said there was a leak and he needed to find it. He started turning up the lids on several different stoves that were scattered across the space. Each of them had a flame burning inside.
I wondered how long those flames had been burning and then realized that that must be why our gas bill was so high !! the man went to a hose just outside the back door
and cut it open. Water came gushing out. Through this action he somehow fixed the leak. A tank came rolling up with a gang of marines in it. The fix it man hopped in. The tank rolled through the barn. 
The barn was suddenly filled with battle torn soldiers huddled around each warm stove. Brad Pitt was one of the soldiers and so was that girl who starred in Howard the Duck. You know.. that girl.
Brad gave a nod to the Marines as they passed through. The girl spoke out... saying "hey whats going on?" but she had Val Kilmers voice. I woke up needing a wee.