Thursday, 27 May 2010

gun crazy dude and the 70's van

I was catching a ride with a friend of mine from what seemed like a theme park after closing hours. We went down into the car park to this amazingly pimped out 70’s van. As I opened up the van I heard a voice. I looked over to see a young asian man sitting in the front seat of his car with the door open. Once he caught my attention he asked me f it was legal to carry a gun here in this country. I said no. He got out of his car and aimed this rifle at me. He shot at me. A bullet grazed my arm. I was suddenly completely freaked out. And began running around the van. He shot directly at me again. This time he missed me but was still coming after me. As he has going to shoot again my friend came up behind him and put him in some sort of choke hold. I wrestled the gun from him but instead of shooting him I stabbed the tip of the gun up through his soft fleshy chin. He was wearing glasses. The gun sank into his skin like a pen being pushed through cold butter. I did this a few times until he got the point. Once he calmed down we got into the 70’s van and pulled the yellow curtains closed, layed our heads back on the green shag rug, watched the sparkle of the mirror ball….my friend offered me a drink from the wet bar. I requested eggnog.


  1. I only remember scenes as opposed to full accounts.

    This morning I saw a golden mini van. There was a large piece of glass where the sliding door normally is. On the other side of the glass, facing outside, I could see a radio panel, cd player, and ash tray. Then I woke up.

    - @dvdherron

  2. Oh, wow. Movie quality dream.

    Recently I had a sleeping epiphany: putting people in jail is always wrong.

    I had scaled a fence, broken into a holiday camp where rich old left-leaning people enjoyed ecological holidays. But the company that ran the holiday camp was evil.

    I was 'arrested' and held without charge in a secret area for prisoners. They made me hand in most of my clothes. It was humiliating in countless ways. We probably weren't ever going to be released.

    I thought: surely after a while everyone must feel like me, when they've lost their freedom. Being held like this will ALWAYS seem unfair. Months passed.

    Only a saintly person would be able to measure the degree to which his crime fitted the punishment he'd been given, I thought, and be an even better person afterward. So serving time only really works on saints.

    And the trouble with saints: they seldom do things that require punishment.

    Then I woke up feeling radicalized.

  3. Freud would have had a field day with this dream! Very phallic ... and you went for eggnog at the end!

    I love dreams and the whole other world they give you to inhabit at night. Not sure I think you are innocent when you sleep or if it's more like you are naked. And that's not counting the dreams where I'm in a public space covered by a rapidly shrinking towel.

  4. "gun crazy dude and the 70's van". Sounds like a band's name)))))))