Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Me the Grape Vine

i became aware of the mixture of dirt and air moving through my nose as I took in my last breath. The dirt  now lodged in my nasal passage agitated my eyeballs and brain.  They started to water. My brain and eyes weeping. I would have opened my eyes but I knew the earth would fall into them. I could feel something, some insect perhaps…tiptoeing along my eyelashes… a millipede…one leg fore every lash. I opened my mouth and let the loamy soil fill in like an avalanche. I began to chew and churn the earth in with the moisture in my mouth until it turned to mud. I leaned my head back and let the mud run down my throat. The cold sludge into my stomach through my guts and back into the earth. My back started to cramp. I cannot be sure but it was as though two enormous hands emerged from my kidneys and gripped onto the earth locking me there. I felt a sensation in my abdomen like a needle pulling thread up through my cervix and through my flesh. A sprouting vine winding its way through the soft of my belly climbed through my skin and up toward the sun. I felt my self decompose as the vine grew rapidly bigger and bigger growing leaves and fruit. I could feel the leaves as though they were my own hands and the fruits as well like tears perhaps as they swelled up with sour juices sweeten and then fall to the ground


  1. Loved this one Jesca :) I think I will start recording my dreams on the ol' blogspot as well :)

    It would be fun to create a sort of dreamers network :) Where we can all dive in to eachother's dreams :) I think that will be a goal of mine :)

  2. http://notanotherdream.blogspot.com/

    My dream from last night is called Old Man Bob by the Ferris Wheel :)

    If you ever want to dive into someone elses second world :)

  3. I like this one Hoop! Some time ago I had a similar dream about becoming part of the Earth but still keeping your consciousness. I've had a few dreams like this which have an amorphic thing going on but you still have awareness. I think it has something to do with having a strong spirit, and not being afraid to explore different possibilities when the rules are bent.

    Its great that you embrace the dream life, Hoop. I've only a met few other vivid dreamers in my time. Reading your blog has renewed my interest in remembering what I dream. Many of my good ones were a long time ago, but I've had some interesting dreams of late.