Wednesday, 2 October 2013

One Mean Labradoodle

I was watching a man walk his dog along a narrow cobble stone road that was winding through a small English village. The dog was a Labradoodle the size of a Great Dane. The ‘doodle was yanking the man along. Bad dog... bad dog owner !!!!   The road became a bridge. The bridge arched over the front garden of a terraced house below. There was a curly-haired woman working in the garden. Oddly, her hair was the same colour,texture and curl as the ‘doodle. She was the height of the base of the bridge and was stood with her back to it as she admired her garden.  As the dog walked his owner over the bridge he stopped to sniff out the curly hair of this woman. Sniff sniff sniff.... and then the ‘doodle opened up his massive jaw and clamped his teeth around the back of the woman's head and sounded a blood curdling growl! The woman yelped and spun around escaping the clenched jaw of the mad dog. In a knee jerk reaction she instantly swatted the nose of the dog and made a hollow thwap-ing sound. The dog now furious leapt off the bridge onto the woman, pulling the dog owner by the leash down in on top of them both. What a mess. The woman started screaming. The ‘doodle was growling, clawing all over her, snapping his jaws, his mouth foaming, and eventually sunk his teeth into the back of her neck. The man on the end of the leash was standing there paralysed with fear. He did, however, manage to whimper out a limp command that was lost to all but the worm who was burrowing under his foot. The woman's husband leapt up from his La-Z-Boy, rushed out of the front door of the little terraced house and proceeded to pull on the rear of the dog in efforts to release his hysterical wife from the ‘doodle’s grip. I became aware at that moment that I was watching this event from afar... perhaps from across the street or from the window of the parallel house. I was not in this situation… I was engaged in keen observation. With this realisation, my heart rate increased. I watched the mad dog, the hysterical woman and the hopeless men trying save this woman. I saw that the men are going about this all in the wrong way and were only making things worse. I tried to yell out from my position in the nosebleeds "In the jaw! In the jaw!", but my voice would not come out of my mouth. "In the jaw!!!” Still no sound. I wanted the men to pry his jaw open or punch the dog on the nose. These stupid men; the poor woman; the dumb dog! I was mute. Despite opening my mouth to cry out, I had no voice. I could be of no help; I became frantic! I pulled myself out of the dream and woke up panting rapidly....

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  1. I'm so thankful that you exist, and that we get to enjoy your music in our lifetime. Thank you Jesca for working so hard to refine your craft; continuously working the clay until the vision is fully and eloquently expressed and recorded.. Now we get to celebrate the depths of this beautiful art that pours out of you.
    I'm stating this stuff in a really basic way, but I just felt like stating my response to your creativity simply.
    Your music is so precious to me and my friends Phil and Cheryl.
    All the best Jesca, We absolutely can't wait to come see you live in concert sometime!
    All our love!