Friday, 12 November 2010

what the barn has in store

I was in the mountainous hills of West County Sonoma in California . It was spring and the the grass was still green. was taking part in a festival that was being held on this amazing piece of land. I was back stage. there were people everywhere doing all sorts of rural chores... chores that require wheel barrows and pick axes etc. I went into a barn and much to my suprise  i found the Ditty Bops cooking over a fire. Who are the Ditty Bops you ask? The Ditty Bops  are a band made up by two magical young women named amanda and abbey. They are two of my best friends and two of the most creative people i know. Any how they were trying to figure out how to balance this ceramic bowl over the fire. I was happy to assist. It turns out  it turns out that this barn was my new home and i was to live there with the Ditty Bops and another one of my magical friends Ashley. This was a wonderful suprise. The barn was huge !! It was made all of redwood. It had a dirt floor ad all sorts of amazing antique furniture. A rocking chair, a roll top desk. cabinets with very small drawers. I was so excited to learn that this was my new home. i went to rummaging. I found an enormous wool rug and rolled it out in the floor. Woven into the pattern was a phoenix surrounded by flames. The bird had a very colorful tale. I moved some of the most intriguing pieces of furniture into place. I then decided to venture around the property. I passed by many more people with wheel barrows and pick axes. I found a road and walked down it. There was a stream running down the right side of the road. I went to cross it. As i went to step in i saw a steady stream on rattle snakes speeding through the water leaving blurred trails of snake colors streaming in front of me. For some reason i decided that instead of going back the way i came... my only option was to cross the rattle snake creek. I waited for what seemed to be a clearing in the reptile traffic. I stepped in. Before i new it the snakes had rushed up on me and were swarming me. i was doing my best to get across the river. All  but one of the snakes lost interest and moved on. The one however did not want me in her creek.  She propelled herself at me. I racing heart moved me faster away. I managed get to the other side and on to safe ground. Back in my barn now i took to exploring what would be the bedrooms. these were like no rooms i had seen before as the were quite large were surfaced entirely bu a fine polished hardwood but the floor slanted down ward to a small level surface big enough only for a bed. The slanted floor had was wavy.. its hard to explain... it had waves all the way down it and i surfed the waves to  the flat area at the bottom. I saw a bathtub through a window. i exited a door to find the bathtub and i came to a staircase that led me to a shower. There were two very unattractive older men in the shower. One was watching the other as he was filated  by a fouth mouth prostitute. This was an unlikely sight to find in my barn. I startled them ! Its fair to say that they startled me ! One of the men shouted at me ! i dashed out of there and back up the wavy floor which was much harder to climb up that surf down..especially when running from a dirty old man !


  1. Couldn't you just fly across the snake creek?:)I think the first rattlesnake I ever saw (in real life) I bunnyhopped at speed on my mountain bike. That was an interesting sensation, like soaring over danger.

    I mention this because I saw your vblog where you talk about dream flying. I'm a big dream flier as well and have been for a long time. You should post up some flying dreams sometime. I can remember a few good ones of my own.

    But back to your barn dream-its interesting how we can create these cool scenes and how fascinating it can be to investigate them. In general a lot of dreams tend to morph and change almost like acid trips. And they don't always change for the better as in your barn's shower party!

    Here's one for you-try reading stuff when you are in a dream. Every time I try this the page looks good at first but when you look at it closely and try to read it, it makes no sense! I can only see a few words or letters and the rest looks like fake letters or gibberish. When this happens I instantly know I'm dreaming and it can be a struggle to keep the dream going.

  2. jesca oh how i love you
    and your music
    i am tired and a cursed exiled warrior that no one wants
    no one understands
    but the way your heart dreams