Monday, 22 November 2010

mistress unravelled

I was in bed. I had a boyfriend in my dream. He was tall dark and handsome :-). He came into our bedroom pulling a  florescent orange sweater over his head. I had never seen that sweater before and new articles of clothing always intrigue me. "Where did you get that sweater"  i ask " Jenna gave it to me" he responds. I didnt like this as she was a work colleague of his and one that i found a threat to my happy home. I saw the sweater had a snag. He turned away from me and started to his desk. With my curiosity peeked and my eyes green, i got myself out of bed.  I made my way to my lover. He saw me coming and quickly shuffled the cd he was handling back into its file. Driven by suspicion I snatched it up "Whats this ?" A look of discomfort came over him. " is this a mixed tape ?"  He sucked in his cheeks and diverted his eyes "is this a mix tape?" again avoidance from my suspect. I went to the cd player to find out what sentiments he had dubbed for his mistress and the breaker of my home. Just as i went to press play and to avoid the piercing truth... he said "yes...yes... its a mixed tape " furious i tore the cd from the player and stormed to the terrace that looked over the backyard of my families home that i grew up in. With the biggest gust i threw the cd across the fence. I heard it break and imaged it sliver into little tiny pieces. I turned back to him. He was walking awat from me. I moved in closer...just close enough to reach out and pinch the snag between my fingers. Holding on the the yarn as my lover walks away from me the sweater comes unravelled and the florescent orange rope skips to the floor like a heart missing beats...


  1. this is such a great idea! i wish i'd thought of it - my dreams are really weird, but you remember yours really vividly... congratulations!

  2. Magical. Incredibly personal and totally universal at the same time. Untidy and true feeling. Godspeed Dear Hoopie.