Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Squaw Hot Pants

I was in venice california. A young skater kid gave me directions to an absolutely dreamy army surplus store.  I was in heaven sifting through old world war one battles garb from all around the world. They also Native american pieces for sale !! o my god ! Sitting Bull's Head Dress ! Custer's jacket !!! for Sale !!! I was particularily drawn to the selection of squaw hot pants with fringe made from brain tanned dear hide. I decided to go with the head dress and the hot pants. I got in my car and drove into the hills. I parked my car and walked to the river. I took off al of my clothes and got into the river. The river was running rapid and thrashing over rocks. Perfect for a rough raft ride. I was riding the river sans raft. It did seemed quite dangerous and i remember hitting the rocks. I wasnt alone on the rapids. My ex boyfriends sister and her husband and baby were riding the rapids as well. Despite the danger we were washed up into a still leg of the river. I climbed up onto the shore. I realised then that i was a very far distance from my car. I found a handsome young man who was considering driving me. It turns out the length of the river took me to Australia !! I had to get back to my car from Australia !! That was some river ride !! Seemlessly i found myself in a hotel room that was done up in 50's American decor. I was washing up and it became clear that i was in a rush and  that i did not want to get caught in the room. I had snuck in after it had been cleaned and had rustled the bed and undone the tidy little corner finishes on the toilet paper roll. i was carrying many musical instruments and a few bags. I was juggling my possessions trying to figure out how i got it all in in the first place. I was about to leave without my guitar...and my great grandmothers blankets. I finally got everything in hand and looked like a bag ladies shopping cart when i turned my head to look at the door. I heard a click. The handle turned and a hand from the other side cracked it open.


  1. You have a rare gift. My prayers for you are health and joy and inspiration so that you may continue on this extraordinarily creative path which you have embarked on. You channel so many who have come before you, Laura Nyro, German Cabaret, just to name a few, - but you are clearly your own, totally original voice, which I look forward to listening to for many, many years to come. Keep going! JG

  2. I just discovered your music today, and i'm already completely in love.
    Thank you very much Jesca.

    Milano, Italia