Monday, 20 December 2010

the bed bug bites

I woke up in a a squat . I woke up on a mattress on the the floor. My nose woke up to an undefinable scent than had been filling it throughout the night. My eyes opened to view the bare wooden walls, the ceiling fan a the entrance to filthy kitchen. I woke up in a bed where four people slept. I turned to my left and i recognized the young man next to me but not the girl next to him as she emerged from the linens. I had never seen her before. She was blonde..slight... and smiling at me as she wrapped herself around the man. The woman on her left was still in slumber. On the chest of the man i found a very big winged insect. It was much like a big midnight blue butterfly but posed more threat as it had a stinger on the ends of its tail. Its body was black and fury and Its wings were like multiple swafts of ragged, richly colored silk.  My blonde intimate stranger became aware of our winged friend and pinched its tail off. OUr winged friend didnt seem to mind and completely accepted this action.  She then started pulling a thread from its bottom. Out it came this very fine sticky thread ...miles and miles of it. You would think it would have unravelled or emptied the bug but no... it just kept coming.  The girl started coughing. Then she sneezed. As she bobbed her head with the sneeze a fine metalic blue dust went spraying everywhere. She shook her head .... blue pollen... everywhere. The boy and started sneezing and shaking our heads. Blue shiny pollen everywhere !!!  Everything in my view was now coverd in this dust.  I dont seem to recall what happened next... perhaps nothing happened... who can say.

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