Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Toffee Hair Tinker Toy

My hair was growing , long and black and straight like Japanese. It was spilling out 
through my scalp like fresh pasta through a pasta press. It reached my knees. It reached the floor
My scalp was tingling the most pleasurable tingle sending the sensation to my toes. My hair pilled 
around my feet curling over and over itself until i was ankle deep. It was heavy on my head
I picked up a larger than average fork and bent over to spin some of the hair on to the fork
like spaghetti. I fed myself my hair. It melted as it touched my tongue like cotton candy and it tasted
of chocolate butterscotch. Another fork full and another...A sugar rush... and still more hair growing 
now up to my knees. This next fork full was brittle like Toffee and broke between my teeth. I couldnt 
move. The hair now up to my thighs had bound my legs together. I started to shovel the candied hair 
into my mouth with urgency... the hair up to my belly button... up to my chest. I raised my arms over 
my head with the fork up to the sky as the hair pilled up and around my neck. You would think that i
would begin to fear for my life, instead i had reached toffee nirvana... sugar bliss. Something took hold of my hands
A very very large hand. The Hand picked me up by my outstretched arms. It lifted my up i was on 
some theme park ride.. In my ascent i saw a very large pair of tennis shoes  with the laces undone, 
girlie socks attached to very chubby 
legs...rolls of fat up to huge waves of ruffles made of huge calico print fabric... 
up past buttons and button holes the size of my head. The colors and textures...threads the size of my fingers wiz by my 
sugar spun eyes. And then more skin and the fat of a neck and a chin and a mouth, a singular tooth and very very wet tongue
coming closer and closer. And in i went... like a lollipop...toffee dipped feet first.. my hands dangling outside this big wet gummy baby mouth. 
Thank god it had no teeth. The candy encasement that bound me started to melt and flood babies mouth. 
I was able to crack my legs free... and there I was lying on my back in a pool syrup on top a very wet tongue and staring 
at the roof of this babies mouth. I reached up to give it a little tickle... I heard the baby laugh and its jaw snap SHUT !
Darkness. Oh dear....


  1. Wowzers! It's always strange to actually taste in dreams. I had dreams in my childhood about eating caramel earthworms that I can still taste to this day...right now, even. The baby in your dream makes me think of the bad baby from the movie Spirited Away (great movie btw)...-keep these coming!

  2. I studied dreams with this woman in NY, she's incredible and 100% the real deal. The website says you can teleconference the dream group. I think they'd love your dreams but more importantly, you'll learn to read them.

  3. Or you could just continue unravelling them into incredible songs...