Tuesday, 27 March 2012

No drug or dolphin for me

I was in a house... the kind of house that you live in in your early years when you're just fresh out of your parents house.
The furniture was all very random and it had the look like many people lived there. 
There was about 20 people in the house. They were all 30 somethings and varying degrees of lovely and cool. Most of these hipsters lived in this house. 
I was in the living room with a couple who looked straight out of the 70's wearing polyester and big glasses... orange lipstick (on the girl). I made some kind of statement to her (which I can't recall) and she corrected me. I didn't like this at all and I did the most annoying thing.. I put my hands on her shoulders
the way you would do a child to try and set her straight. I tried to explain myself and I just felt her disliking me further. Her boyfriend then started to pipe up. We were then removed from the room. I was then in a room filled with people who made me really excited. I had the sensation like I was jumping up and down at the chemistry in the room. I felt inspired and alive and optimistic. A lovely young man who I was watching from across the room came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. He had a scratchy beard which I liked very much. 
He said, I love you. He looked me in the eye and then turned to go. I followed him and his friends with him down to a dock. There were dolphins lined up alongside the dock. There were also sea turtles.. full grown ones and baby ones. 
The boys all mounted each a dolphin and went surfing off !! I thought for a moment there would be a dolphin for me to ride but somehow I had missed my opportunity. We followed behind them in a massive ship into the vast ocean until the land disappeared. 
After some time we collected them and went back to the house. Back at the house I was asked to play some music. At the moment that I would begin I heard a honk. I went outside and there was a car sat in the drive. The young man who kissed me was in the car with a friend of his. He handed me a prescription bottle filled with drugs that I was to deliver to a friend.
He said that he would give me some too. He started trying to describe the drugs to me and told me I had to try these one particular ones.. He was on the drugs himself and wasn't doing the best job of explaining the effect they had but was able to say "they will totally just drugify you" I wanted the drugs and was eagerly watching him as he reached into his bag to find them for me when the alarm went off.


  1. I love dreams, specially vivid ones ;o)

  2. Jesca,

    I couldn't find a better place to do this, so here I am. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the city of Charleston, South Carolina. You played a fabulous set. We are not worthy. :)

    God speed!