Tuesday, 7 December 2010

High Brow Anime Gore

It was night time. I was riding a motorbike down a city street. The handles were turned parallel to each other which felt very unnatural. I came to bridge and was now travelling under the bridge (and as if i was never on a bike) by foot.  Above the side walk there was another path that ran the length of the underpass.  There was a japanese couple each pushing a stroller with babies in.  I watched them as they navigated there way across this shadowy pass.  They must have come to crack in the landscape as i saw them both stumble and and wrestle their carriages back to balance.  The boy said to the girl, " I am just going to let you handle it if anything tricky comes up, your much more intelligent than me". And so he did. Swiftly upon them came two boys on BMX bikes. The dismounted their bikes and grabbed the couple. The setting shifts from under the bridge to a high street clothing store where i am being given clothing. The couple is being attacked by the BMX boys. They have her pinned to the floor and have gauged her eyes out with a glass shard. It was a proper kill bill moment. I was astonished and terrified yet somehow my attention was divided between the gory anime and the pleasures of the very fine threads being draped all over me. I was in a real fever... but i couldnt tell could'nt tell over what... the violence, or the clothes? ridiculous !!! Anyhow I somehow snapped out of it and ran the fuck out of there !!! "ive got to get to the police" i panted to myself. As i ran i looked behind me to find one of the BMX boys chasing after me. I screamed " what are you doing?  why did you do that to her?" he said. "becuase she's famous, everyone knows her" he then lifted his shard of glass up toward me. Then... and i kid you not... the alarm went off. Whats ridiculous about this dream is that i dreamt it the night after i was in a clothing store in spain where they were giving me clothing. What kind of a twisted fuck ?