Friday, 1 June 2012

St Vincent

St. vincent was standing in a junk yard near a rusty blue VW Bug whose nose was being eaten by the dirt. She was sat on an old railway tie near a fire pit with the ash and burnt out beer cans smoldering in. I approached her... she stood up. She was slight, wide eyed and curly haired.  She was not friendly first off. She gave me a very cynical look, one of exasperation when I handed to her my new album and introduced myself. Somehow and without words I expressed the desire to write a song with her... I dont know maybe I did this with interpretive dance... or perhaps through ESP... i dont recall. Having the record in her hand... something switched and her mood flipped as if a light was suddenly switched on... "Yes" she said with a big smile and big beaming eyes "I totally want to" ... She went digging around in her bag to find the CD that was in her hand and she couldnt find it. I stood there amused watching her scrambling through her bag for what was in her hand.. she wanted to know that a contact the cd... "Where did it go ?" she said bewildered. I grinned and pointed to her hand. She smiled and rolled her eyes. "Musicians" she said.


  1. I reckon the 'YES' means success for you, sparked by this album. Not too sure about the 'I totally want to', but i totally want to too! Does that help? dey doo doe dont dey doe! x

  2. I had never heard of St. Vincent til I read this. Now have all her albums. Thank you for the introduction. I'd love to hear the song you write with her!!