Friday, 22 June 2012

Atari Llama

It seemed like I was in Australia somewhere. I cannot be sure... there was desert surrounding me, and shrubby flora. I had come across an apartment that I was interested in renting. This apartment had a very strange floor plan as it was singular rooms stacked 4 levels high. The top floor was the smallest room and was painted yellow on the surface. The floor below was grey and had a slightly larger room. Below it there was a pink room still larger and finally at the base a blue room. The rooms were all locked so all I could do was look through the windows. The rooms were all very messy and gave off the impression that they were all very musty. Two friends of mine showed up. They took me into a jeep and we rode off into the desert.  We drove ourselves far into the wild sandy dunes. Everything was sand and sage coloured. It was very sunny, dusty and hot. We got out of the car and walked down a valley between dunes. There were two llama like creatures walking ahead of us. They weren't normal mammals . They were like digital llamas but before "they" figured out how to make 3 dimensional computer images. I will call them Atari Llamas. We walked past the Atari Llamas and approached an enormous worm. By enormous I mean the size of an Boa Constrictor. Somehow we knew that the worm's name was the Anarak. The Anarak wormed its way up to me and started to slide up my leg. It was soft and squishy. It began to wrap itself around my leg until its entire length was coiled around me. I didn't seem to mind. We and the worm continued walking until we came to the apartment building where we had started... we followed a corridor into a very industrial area of the building. We approach an elevator... the elevator door opened. I looked down at the Anarak that I happily carried that far and said to it "you won't want to come any further"  and it released itself from my leg. We entered the elevator and travelled up a level. The doors opened and let us out into a huge dark warehouse space. It kind of felt like a big movie theatre... there were many people coming in and out of rooms. My friends and I walked through this big dark space. One of my friends who happened to be male put his hand on my back side and gave me a little spanking . I liked this very much and thought to myself.. "my boyfriend wouldn't like that at all". We found the exit to the warehouse and it opened up into a college  campus courtyard where all sorts of students were chilling in the sun. I joined my friend Emma who was sat at a table. It turns out that we had a dinner date and it was time to order. When the starters came, we realised that we had ordered too much so I cancelled the asparagus and celeriac puree. We had just began digging into our food when we were all of a sudden drenched by fire hose streams of water being fired at us from around the table.  Like a fountain in reverse. I said to Emma, "They really shouldn't water the lawn in the middle of dinner" .  I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I dialled my boyfriend's number. He answered.  I was suddenly in his arms looking up at him. As we hugged, swayed and smiled, he said to me, "You rent the apartment... and I'll buy a van" and sealed it with a kiss.


  1. I dreamt I was able to find The House That Jack Built on vinyl WITH a code for a free mp3 download; the best way to distribute music nowadays.

    But alas, 'twas only a dream.

  2. @Malady_Pines: Perhaps you were actually sleepbrowsing through

    You can source the MP3s from the CD.
    How cool is that?