Thursday, 7 June 2012

What's in your trunk?

I was in a country style restaurant that was set in a big log cabin... the kind that you would find in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Guy Garvey was at my table... we must have been having dinner... Although I don't recall any food. I just recall Guy asking me to go to the parking lot and find his friend. He gave me a little slip of paper with instructions on how to find his friend. I followed them to  a cool old german car called a Trabant. This is a car that is made out of paper mache. Very Cool. I slipped the key into the trunk and popped it open. There was a canvas cover pulled tight over the contents of the trunk and hooked into place. I unhooked the cover and it rolled back on itself (like a window shade) and revealed another canvas cover.. I unhooked that one, it rolled up on itself and exposed another and another and another until finally the trunk was uncovered. There was a stairway leading downward into the trunk... I threw my legs over the trunk of the car and on to the step and descended down 10 stairs and into a yurt that was about 15 feet across . It had grey felt walls and a handmade latticework frame.. it was glowing from fire light. There was a young man fully clothed sat in a claw foot tub with no water in it . I sat on the chair near the tub and picked up a comb made out of ivory... it was very very old and smooth and hard and it felt good in my palm. I ran the comb through his hair... long, black, thick, and strong... like Mongol hair. I combed it over and over and over  there in the yurt trunk of the papermache Trabant in the parking lot of the wood cabin country restaurant ....the rest after this becomes a blur...


  1. Sounds like you've got a lot of trust in mr Guy, Hoop!

    Hey check it out, i was looking up the def today of "inception" and I saw this:

    "(in science fiction) the act of instilling an idea into someone's mind by entering his or her dreams".

    I think fooling around with this will be one of my dream projects for the 2012-2013 season. cheers!

  2. I guess, as well as the obvious symbolism of accessing more profound level with your psyche, I wonder how you felt about the dream after you woke ? I had a few dreams like that when I go down stairs or tunnels and then come out into another world - can be so engrossing ( they tend to come if I've been reading books on psychology )

    The dreams I love best are when I'm flying but I didn't get that for a while now