Thursday, 14 June 2012

Customer Service Dropout?

I was in a town much like Disneyland but without the rides. There were no real people living in this town... just tourists and poeple working in the town serving the tourists.
I walked into a shop selling vintage clothing. There was a load of ratty old sweaters and random musty discards..You know the smell of second hand clothing stores.. its very specific.. that odour was hanging in the fuming from the cloth articles and hanging on my nose hairs on their way to my lungs. There was a glass case with a big black feather collar made from the wings of a BIG black bird. It had a complimentary head dress made from leather and black silky hair. When I put it on it made me look like a horse. I was very keen to have it. It seemed to be closing time there at the shop but i was keen to purchase this head dress. The shop keeper however took  the head dress from my hands in a very passive aggressive kind of a way and rushed it out the door and into the cellar. I stepped into the cellar and said "Is that not for sale ? I'd like to buy it." She quickly handed it to a young girl who looked just like her.. And said "Sorry no... it's not for sale". I figure this girl was her daughter and her daughter wanted the head dress. The girl fixed it to her head hastily and galloped out of the cellar. The woman said to me.. there are plenty of other things to buy and she shooed me out of the cellar... she started throwing all sorts of beaded brooches at me none of which I wanted and all of which pointed pins stuck into my clothing. I ran from the woman as she darted beaded brooches at me... saying "This is a nice one.. What about this one.. Beautiful colors... Wonderful handiwork.. This one goes well with your jacket..."

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